Thursday, July 07, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - "Raspberry Bushes"

Block #5 - "Raspberry Bushes"

Started on 6/22/11
Completed on 6/25/11

Technique: Templates

This block slowed me down a little bit. I wasn't sure how to do it. I knew I couldn't simply piece it together normally. I knew I couldn't paper piece it. Finally, I emailed the book's author and she advised me on how to tackle it. I used templates! I had never played with this method before so it was fun to try something new.

I'm not a fan of raspberries. I'm not a fan of walking through weeds and plants and the bugs that come along with that. So it is highly unlikely you'd ever find me picking raspberries.

I do remember picking some kind of berries behind Granny and Poppa's house, back behind their garden, when I was younger. I remember having to check for (and often finding) chiggers and ticks after we were done. I'm thinking it was blackberries but I really am not sure. Anyway, bugs that hitch hike on my person are enough to keep me away from such activities as an adult.

Oh the good old days of childhood ... before I developed my slightly OCD qualities and prejudices!

Father, I'm not sure why you made such ookie pests. It is one of those things I suppose I just have to trust you on. But know, Lord, that I don't get it.


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