Friday, July 29, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - Block #18 - "Schoolhouse"

Block #18 - "Schoolhouse"

Started on 7/7/11
Completed on 7/8/11

Technique: Applique'

One room schoolhouses. Anybody else find them to be totally cool? I love to see pictures and movie or television scenes set in such schoolhouses.

I've been watching old episodes of "Little House on the Prairie". I'm on Season 3 now. I love this show. Watching it is the perfect thing to do while working on quilt projects in my woman cave. Miss Beatle is currently the one room schoolhouse teacher.

The idea of one teacher offering instruction to 30 to 40 children of different ages and grade levels floors me. I teach two children at home and going back and forth between them gets kind of nutty sometimes. I forget William can't read cursive writing yet and that Trinity can quickly add math facts in her head.

As a child I aspired to be a teacher. As an adult I was afraid I'd lose my religion on the first parent that took me to task on the education of their own little angel. (I considered Veterinary Medicine after that. However, since I knew I wanted to stay home with my babies it seemed really futile to go to school for 8 years for a degree I really didn't want to have to use.)

Anyway, now I'm a stay at home mother who gets to be teacher to my own children and it is my dream come true.

Father, thank You for your faithfulness. Thank You for making simple dreams come true. Thank You for giving me a husband who supports our family and my endeavors to train up our children in Your service.


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