Saturday, September 03, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - Block #40 - "Fireflies"

Block # 40 - "Fireflies"
Started on 7/8/11
Completed on 7/12/11
Technique: Applique'
Blocks Completed to Date: 86 of 121

I love this block! It is too cute. If I knew any little boys who could be gentle enough with an applique' quilt, I would make this for them. I loved it from the time I saw it in the book and was nearly giddy once it was completed and turned out so darling.

I miss fireflies. We don't have them in Colorado. Or if we do, they are hiding from the crazy transplanted Southerners because we've seen zero in the 4 1/2 years we've lived here. We had so much fun when I was little running through the field by Granny and Poppa's house through a gamut of "lightning bugs".

I've been thinking a lot this week about my cousins and how lucky I was to grow up with them in my life. Jenny, Danny, Courtney, Ryan, Crystal and Cody are first cousins on my mom's side of the family. I saw them often. On Daddy's side of the family first cousins are Cody (yes another one, Texas remember), Kyle, Cory, Caroline, Austin and Tucker. I was much older than these cousins and half of them live in Ohio so we didn't see each other very often at all.

I could start listing second and third cousins on my mom's side of the family, but I'd forget someone and life is too short for the trouble that would bring. : ) But I did get to spend a lot of time with many of them and as an adult I realize how special that was!

Father, I beseech You again to bring Courtney around. This waiting game is a bear! Thank You for cousins! And thank You for moments of chasing fireflies. Precious memories Lord!


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