Monday, September 26, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - Block #54 - "Deacon"

Block #54 - "Deacon"
Started on 7/31/11
Completed on 7/31/11
Technique: Applique'

The receiving of the lot to serve; what an interesting way to conduct inner church business! Amish men from the church's district are nominated for positions of deacon, elder, and preacher. On the day of appointment, one hymnal or Bible is collected for each man nominated. A slip of paper is placed inside of one of them with a Bible verse on it. Each man randomly selects a book and the one who receives the slip of paper is appointed to the vacant position of leadership. I find that to be so interesting and almost certainly ordained by God.

Our church nominates and appoints deacons and elders. They lead our congregation only. That is one thing I've always found to be exceptionally Biblical about the Church of Christ. Other than Christ, there is no one person or group making decisions for every Church of Christ in the country. Each one is autonomous.

Our preachers are usually hired employees. I've known some congregations, especially small ones that can't afford a preacher, that have men share the preaching responsibilities. I think that works well. And in our current church, our preacher was recently appointed as an elder, a shepherd if you will, of our congregation.

I am thankful for godly men who step up to lead and serve. I am thankful for men like my Poppa who served as an elder and my step-dad who has served as a deacon. I talked about heritage a couple of blogs ago. How's that for a legacy for my children? A legacy of serving our Heavenly Father is as good as it gets. I am thankful for a dear, sweet husband who has a love for the Lord that is evident in all he does.

Father, thank You for creating men who follow you. Thank You for men who can get themselves out of the way to serve You and do Your work in this world. Thank You for bringing loving, Christian men into my life.


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