Monday, September 12, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - Block # 46 "Blueberry Ice Cream"

Block # 46 - "Blueberry Ice Cream"
Started on 7/8/11
Completed on 7/13/11
Technique: Applique'

I have not had great success with homemade ice cream. In all fairness I haven't tried very many times but it sure seems like a whole lot of work to make something you can quickly and very inexpensively pick up at the supermarket.

Mudder (my mother) used to make Cookies and Cream Ice Cream homemade and now that was something to sing about. And Granny, her mother, made wonderful homemade ice cream too. I hear tell that my husband's family made homemade ice cream with the old fashioned crank freezers.

If I went to the trouble of making homemade ice cream, it might have chocolate added to it or Oreos as was the way with Mudder's recipe, but I wouldn't add fruit. Fruit doesn't suggest dessert to me so never the twain would meet in my doing.

Father, thank You for my life. Thank You for sweetness and moments You create just for me. Help me waste not a second and find ways to glorify You in all that I do.


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