Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - Block #43 "Eight-Pointed Star"

Block # 43 - "Eight-Pointed Star"
Started on 7/13/11
Completed on 7/13/11
Technique: Pieced

The author of the letter that went with this block said she hadn't had much time to quilt lately. I get grumpy when that happens to me. I need time in my sp
ace doing my thing.

I like this block. Apparently sharp, clean angles are my thing. It appeals to me. I've made a quilt with this type of block before. I'll add a picture of it.

Stars ... I sure love a night sky filled with stars. The stars in Yellowstone were phenomenal! Stars are one of my favorite things about camping.

Father, thank You for the "night lights" You created for us. May we all appreciate the beauty of your simple gift.


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