Friday, September 16, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - Block #49 - "Flying Geese"

Block # 49 - "Flying Geese"
Started on 7/30/11
Completed on 7/31/11
Technique: Pieced
Blocks Completed to Date:
103 of 121

When my quilting teacher told us we were going to learn about making flying geese I had no idea what she was talking about. I think everyone else in the class had heard of them before so I felt like a big dummy having to ask what geese she was talking about. She kindly explained and even then I still didn't quite get it. I kept looking at the pieces upside down. I have learned how to make them though and my piecing is much more accurate today than it was those first attempts back in 2009. One nagging question remains though. If you make only one, is it a flying goose?

Didn't get to blog yesterday because I was busy with a sick kiddo and trying to get my mystery quilt quilted and ready to turn in tomorrow for the revealing party this coming week. The quilting is finished but I'm trying to get the binding on. The kiddo is still sick; his first ever case of Strep throat and an ear infection as it turns out.

Courtney is at a better hospital in a special section for people in her condition. She seems to be making progress and we are continuing to pray for her daily.

Father, thank You for each day You give me. Thank You for the love and laughter in my life and for the doors You continue to open for me.


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