Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Amish Circle Quilt Project - Block #44 - "Family Fish Fry"

Block # 44 - "Family Fish Fry"
Started on 7/8/11
Completed on 7/12/11
Technique: Applique'

I can so relate to the letter that went with this block. A family fishing together, catching fish, having a supper of fried fish together and ending with a singing! That could have been an excerpt from my childhood!

My grandparents owned a cabin when I was growing up in a little community called Smith Point on the northern side of Galveston Bay in southeast Texas. We spent many, many weekends there and the joy that filled me when I knew a trip down was on the calendar was palpable. I loved it there.

I loved that we always had to mow the yard when we got there and turn the water on. I loved that 4 couples and 9 kids could squeeze into a two room cabin with 3 full size beds and 2 very old fashioned sofa sleepers. (And we loved it.)

I loved going crabbing and going out on the boat. I loved how Poppa always seemed to know where we were out in the water. I really loved dragging the shrimp net and sorting through the catch after we pulled it in. I love that Poppa didn't get very angry at me when while I was tossing junk fish or crabs over the side of the boat with tongs I accidently liberated the tongs too. I think that happened more than once.

I loved the fresh fried fish we had and the crabs and shrimp. And who could forget the homemade ice cream and playing in the kiddie pool and sprinklers with my cousins and sisters?The spiders in the bathtub hold their own historical moments as well as the pranks that were played among the adults ... usually involving ice cold water in the outdoor shower stall.

And then there were the evenings of singing acappella hymns as the sun went down ... swatting at mosquitoes and soothing the youngest of the children as their day finally caught up with their exhausted little bodies.

Father, thank You for those blessed times. Thank You for loving me enough to give me such a remarkable family. Thank You for every day and for the simplest joys of life as they are the bestest.


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