Saturday, April 27, 2013

Amish Circle Quilt # 118 - "Making Apple Butter"

Block # 118 -
"Making Apple Butter"

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Piecing and Raw Edge Applique'

   Another one of my favorite blocks!  I don't think  I've ever had apple butter.  I've certainly never participated in a community size apple butter making frolic.  

   I love apples!  Apples are one of the only fruits I actually like.  The kids and I make a killer apple pie.  A-a-apple was one of their units as they went through Kindergarten (homeschooled).  We bought so many different kinds of apples and tasted all of them.  I love Fuji and Gala and the kids love Honeycrisp now.  Of course you have to use Granny Smith for pie!  Apples were a great part of our homeschool.

   I think this fall we will try to make it to an apple orchard.  I've put it off too long!

   Blessings y'all,

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