Sunday, April 28, 2013

Amish Circle Quilt Block #119 - "Square in a Square"

Block # 119 -
"Square in a Square"

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Paper piecing

   When I began this project, I had never even tried paper piecing.  This piece was one of my favorites that I finished during the building of all these blocks.  My brain wiring doesn't naturally process flipping pieces over and accounting for any strange type angles.  However, this block was mostly straight forward triangles and I did a lovely job.  (Ha!  If I do say so myself!)

   I currently have so many projects in the works.  Once I finished blogging about these blocks, I'm not sure how long it will take be to do the sashing and cornerstones.  A lot of the fabric is already cut so that is helpful.  But trying to figure out what projects to give priority to is difficult for me!

   Two more after this and this series of posts will be done!  It's been a fun journey.

   Blessings y'all,

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