Monday, April 15, 2013

Dear Jane Journey Post 1

     I've started a journey!  I'm a new Janiac!  Yep, I've jumped on the Dear Jane Quilt Bandwagon and there's no looking back.  See my Dear Jane Journey page here for details on how this craziness started.

     April 14, 2013, was my first day to sew on my Dear Jane quilt.  I've chosen some solid fabrics in cream, dark green, chocolate, and pink.  They are fabulous!  I have an arrangement designed on the Dear Jane template I created.  I need to research how to add the spreadsheet as an attachment here.  I will figure that out.

     So here is Block A-1!  I was giddy and giggly when I got it done.  I saw some versions of paper piecing this dude but paper piecing is not my favorite.  I don't mind it, but it is against my religion to paper piece if I don't have to.

Cutting for A-1:
Background Fabric (my white):
Eight 1 5/8" squares
Two 4 1/2" squares (After the process, 4" would offer less waste)

Focal Fabric (my green):
Four 1 1/8" squares
Two 4 1/2" squares (Again, 4" would be better)

     I used Jenny Doan's tutorial method for making HST's (half-square triangles) at HST Tutorial.  I used the 4 bigger squares to make 8 HST's.

     I used four of the 1 5/8" background squares and the four small green squares to make the corners by snowballing one corner of each white square with one green square.  

I found this one very, very easy to traditionally piece.

Next is Block A-2!  I am really loving this green with the cream background!

     I copied the block from the book onto foundation paper and paper pieced this block mostly based on the method described at That Quilt!  I did start each row with the green triangle in the center.  This is easier for me than dealing with the angle of attaching the green to the row already in progress.  I know how confusing that sounds ... sorry.  

     I have block A-3 put together but I need to hand stitch the applique pieces.  So I'll get back to you with that one as soon as it is truly finished.

So now, Block A-4!  First chocolate one I've made!  Perty perty perty!

     I paper pieced this one too based on the That Quilt process!

     Random information:

     I am sewing on a Janome 6600.  I'm piecing with 100% cotton thread and using 100% cotton fabrics.  I will hand attach applique' pieces and use my machine for everything else.  I will use traditional piecing as much as I can and paper piecing when necessary.

     I am thinking I may hand quilt this quilt when it is finished.  I think it deserves it.  I think Jane deserves that in homage to her work and her vision.  As I quickly run a seam of stitches with my machine, I think and wonder how long that seam took her to finish by hand.  You go girl!  I'm right behind you.

     Oh, and I'm listening to Cindy Woodsmall's book A Season for Tending while I'm sewing!

Blessings Y'all,
Lesa-Jane, 3 blocks, 0 triangles,  90 pieces  

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Rosemary Youngs said...

You are going to enjoy the journey so much, I certainly have.