Saturday, April 20, 2013

Amish Circle Quilt Block #112 - "Making Butter"

Block # 112 -
"Making Butter"

Started on: 8-27-11
Completed on: 9-4-11

Technique: Raw Edge Applique'

   In the letter that goes with this quilt, the Amish family is preparing their home to host church the next day.  Part of the prep is churning butter for the common meal afterward.

   I oscillate between liking the idea of house church and not liking the idea.  I'm not sure if I would feel the same connection to God and the people around me if I was in my every day, routine location.  Not to mention how many distractions are in my house!  And I'm not sure our dogs and guinea pigs and dust bunnies need to be a part of worship either.

   I'm certainly not judging those it works for.  I guess if it fulfills what you feel you need to be giving to God and your brothers and sisters in Christ, more power to you.  It's just that for me it doesn't quite float my boat.

   Regarding the churning of butter, it sure seems like my Granny had a butter churn for awhile.  Maybe it was for decoration.  Hmmm.  I'll have to investigate that.

   At the building or in a home, singing praises and praying together is edifying.  Churning butter?  Not so much.  And no matter who is coming over, I won't be churning butter for you.  Sorry.

Blessings y'all,

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