Thursday, April 18, 2013

Amish Circle Quilt Block #110 - Watering Can

Block # 110
"Watering Can"

Started on: 8-27-11
Completed on: 9-4-11

Technique: Raw Edge Applique'

   So, I don't think I could post this block without commenting on my black thumb.  No, I'm not mistaken.  I am so bad with plants that I earned the black belt; uh hum, I mean black thumb.  I'm advanced way beyond brown!

   I am infamous for killing plants.  I enjoy having them around but I forget that they need a little wet stuff we all call water.  I have four plants by my kitchen sink right now that have survived the carnage by, well, being right by my kitchen sink.  Every time I load the dishwasher I water my plants.  The eldest plant is a year and half in and things are looking promising.

   Outdoor plants though?  Forget about it!  Even if I see the stinking thing every single day I forget it needs to be watered.  I'm so glad the lady that lived here before us was a gardener type.  She left rose bushes and annual blooming bulbs behind and since we have a sprinkler system these plants have survived my reign as well.

   I am thankful for the variety and beauty plants provide.  I'm trying to be a better care taker.  I love how creative God is ... and it shows in the plants He invented for us!

Blessings y'all,

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