Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Jane Journey Post 7

This post includes blocks A-10, B-1, and B-6

   I've made a little progress on my Dear Jane since I last posted.  Not a lot mind you, but some.  My kids had a crazy day yesterday with co-op classes and choir dress rehearsal and choir concerts.  So I have been in total Mom mode and not had much time to sew.

   However, I did manage to get made a tool / accessory I needed to help me with my Dear Jane Journey.  Below you'll find pictures of it.  I'm rather proud of myself.

From Art to Heart book, Sew Necessary, by Nancy Halverson:


And if folds up neatly to this:
   If the colors seem a little mis-matched, that's because, well, they are.  I used fabrics from my Dear Jane quilt plus others that I had scraps of that I had really loved.

Now, onto more "pressing" matters ... my Jane ...

Block A-10 - "Which Points West":

I pieced A-10 together with the center brown square (2 1/2"), 7/8" inner border, and 1 3/8" outer border which I mitered on the corners.  Yay me.  I was so proud to do that and love how it turned out!

I used my previously disclosed method for making the applique' pieces and then hand stitched them on!

Let me just say WOO HOO that completes row A!

Next comes 
Block B-1 - Batchelor Buttons:

I lightly pressed diagonal creases into this one to guide my button placement.  I used my same old same old method for making applique' pieces and then hand stitched them on.  Not too shabby!

Last one I can report on today is
Block B-6 - "Wild Goose Chase":

   (Left) This is how I started after I cut the foundation pieces apart.  I think I segmented mine a little differently than the other trailblazers I've been following.

(Below) After paper piecing the first four parts:

(Below)  Inner square is complete and more paper pieces have been assembled.  Now on to foundation piecing these sections together! 

Below is the final, finished product.  I really like how this one came out.  And I am very pleased that this pink contrasts as well as it does with the cream background.  It's like I'm figuring this whole quilting thing out!

Blessings y'all,
Lesa - Jane, (17 blocks, 0 triangles, 400 pieces)

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