Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Amish Circle Quilt Block #115 - "Flower Path"

Block # 115 -
"Flower Path"

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Paper piecing

   A flower garden?  I am so awful with flowers.  I am so awful with gardens.  A flower garden?  Forget about it!  

   I appreciate flowers in others' yards.  I appreciate the variety with which God has blessed us.  I just don't feel He has called me to contribute to this particular aspect of beauty on His earth.

   I was noticing yesterday how many people have tulips blooming in their yards.  Tulips are one of my favorites.  Their bright, bold colors add so much to yards all over the valley here.

   And I even have some beautiful one popping up in our flower bed in our front yard, but alas, I cannot take any of the credit for those.  Creative, green thumbed peoples who lived here before us planted bulbs that come back every year.  I haven't managed to kill them or harm them yet so I guess that's something.

   Take a moment to look at the simple blessings blooming around you today!

   Blessings y'all,

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