Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amish Circle Quilt Block #121 - "Reunion"

Block # 121 -

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Raw edge applique'

   I can not believe this block is number 121 of 121!  And this is another one of my favorites!  I know, I say that quite often!  I like this one so much though that I've already made and completed another one as a wall hanging that is displayed in my quilt room.

   Driving through Kansas back in March, we located the Amish district near Haven, KS.  We saw them driving their buggies on the roads, we saw many of their homesteads, and we saw some of the local businesses that are based around them as well.  We saw a family stopping to get a newspaper.  I took some photographs but it was snowing most of the time so that complicated the picture process.

   While I will most likely post some updated on this quilt and its completion later, this is technically the last post on the blocks of this quilt.  I want to thank Rosemary Youngs, the author of the book I followed for this project, first, for her creativity and her love of quilting and the Amish ways.  I also want to thank her for her advice, instruction, and overall support during this long process!

   If you happen across my blog while working on your own Amish Circle Quilt, I would love to offer advice and help as you navigate your way through the lovely, charming blocks of this amazing quilt.

   Future posts on this blog will be documenting my journey with my Dear Jane quilt that I recently began!

   Blessings y'all,

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Rosemary Youngs said...

Thank you for always sharing your beautiful words on your blog, I certainly will miss reading about your blocks. I look forward to following you and your dear Jane progress. Blessings to you and your family.